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  1. Getting Started 

    1. What is BlazeMeter's Load Testing Cloud?
    2. Using JMeter to get started on BlazeMeter
    3. Automatic Scripting -> Using the GET and POST Feature
    4. On-Premise Testing with BlazeMeter
    5. Scripting with JMeter
  2. Service Health 

    1. Feature Updates
  3. BlazeMeter Tutorials 

    1. 200 MPH in neutral - Cloud-testing compared to traditional testing within the corporate LAN
    2. Analyze the Results of a Load Test Using BlazeMeter
    3. Real Time JMeter Properties Control with BlazeMeter
    4. BlazeMeter Formatters: Throughput
    5. Read Only Access to your Test Dashboard in Real-time
  4. BlazeMeter FAQs 

    1. Does BlazeMeter offer support services for JMeter scripting?
    2. Do you provide dedicated IPs?
    3. What IPs (CIDRs) does BlazeMeter use?
    4. Can I schedule my load test to run at a certain time?
    5. Can we have server related KPIs like CPU, Memory, Disk I/O etc in the reports by installing any agents that you may provide ?
  5. JMeter Tutorials 

    1. JMeter Video Tutorial (writing your first JMeter script)
    2. JMeter Video Tutorial (recording a user session with the proxy)
    3. JMeter Best Practices
    4. JMeter Video Tutorial (error checking and dynamic requests)
    5. I Am New to JMeter and JMeter Scripting. Where Do I Begin?
  6. Load Testing FAQs 

    1. Automatic Scripting vs. JMeter Tests
    2. Definition of HITs/s
    3. Master Load Results vs. Load Results
    4. How do I Correlate the Number of (Concurrent) Users with Hits/s (per second)?
    5. Performance Metrics for Websites
  7. BlazeMeter API 

    1. API: Getting Started
    2. API: getTests
    3. API: getUserInfo
    4. API: testCreate
    5. API: testScriptUpload
  8. Developer Tools 

    1. BlazeMeter Chrome Extension - FollowMe
    2. BlazeMeter Plugin for New Relic
    3. BlazeMeter's Integration with New Relic
    4. BlazeMeter WordPress Plugin
    5. BlazeMeter Drupal Module
  9. Video Tutorials  

    1. BlazeMeter Plugin to Jenkins
  10. Mobile 

    1. Load Test Mobile Apps (Easily)
    2. Mobile Performance Testing with Real Mobile Networks & Real Devices
  11. All articles 

    1. 200 MPH in neutral - Cloud-testing compared to traditional testing within the corporate LAN
    2. Automatic Scripting vs. JMeter Tests
    3. What is BlazeMeter's Load Testing Cloud?
    4. API: Getting Started
    5. Join the Webinar-Effective JMeter Performance Reporting. July 31 at 9am PT/12pm ET!
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