Automatic Scripting -> Using the GET and POST Feature

If you want to practice load testing, but you aren't familiar with scripting - no problem!

BlazeMeter provides an automatic scripting option. You simply enter a list of URLs (Under 'Add Test', select GET and POST), select the geo location and desired max concurrent users for the test – that’s all. 

The reports will provide you with all the KPIs you need. You can easily share all the results with your team.

You can also compare two test reports to easily evaluate how behavior changed from test to test.

Create Your First Test

To create a test, simply need to follow these steps

  1. Sign up to BlazeMeter. It's free and no credit card is required. 
  2. Press the 'Add Test' link (on the upper left toolbar) and select the 'GET and POST Requests' option.
  3. Save your test, then start it by pressing the Start link.
  4. You can also View a Test Demo


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