Using the BlazeMeter Plugin for TeamCity (Jet Brains)

Just connect your BlazeMeter account to TeamCity, configure a simple build step and you are good to go. You can configure TeamCity to run the BlazeMeter build step whenever you want, and the test will start with your pre-configured settings. 

Sit back and wait for the results to appear. Check the 'reports' tab to see the results of the test, and view the 'logs' tab for a summary of the test's stability or failure.

Now with proxy support.

Get BlazeMeter's plugin for TeamCity (JetBrains):

Download the TeamCity (JetBrains) plugin.


Clone BlazeMeter's TeamCity plugin from GitHub and compile. Compilation instruction are available in the README file.

To learn more, check out BlazeMeter plugin to TeamCity (JetBrains).


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