Google Analytics to BlazeMeter Integration

BlazeMeter can extract your website's data directly from your Google Analytics account. When creating a new test, choose the Google Analytics option and we'll handle the rest. You'll be asked to give BlazeMeter access to read your Google Analytics data and then choose a profile to create the load test from.

BlazeMeter analyzes the last 12 months of data and creates a test based on best practices (The name of the selected profile will automatically render as the test name).

This includes:

- Testing the top 5 most visited pages (which are directly accessible via HTTP).
- Calculating the number of concurrent users required and the delay between requests based on actual site usage data. 

Please note: If the the number of recommended concurrent load test users is more than what your account allows, the test will be limited by your account limits.

This method is great for users who have an existing Google Analytics account that want to start testing as quickly as possible based on actual site usage and best load testing practices, without the need to create a JMeter test script manually. 

*Read more about excluding certain domains from your load test.


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