provides a performance testing solution that's 100% compatible with Apache JMeter™

BlazeMeter FAQs

  1. Does BlazeMeter offer support services for JMeter scripting?
  2. Do you provide dedicated IPs?
  3. What IPs (CIDRs) does BlazeMeter use?
  4. Can I schedule my load test to run at a certain time?
  5. Can we have server related KPIs like CPU, Memory, Disk I/O etc in the reports by installing any agents that you may provide ?
  6. How do I upgrade and downgrade plans?
  7. How do I change my password?
  8. How do I change or cancel my BlazeMeter subscription?
  9. Where can I locate invoices or receipts?
  10. Is BlazeMeter 100% compatible with JMeter Google plugins?
  11. Are your test servers dedicated machines or VMs that may be shared with others?
  12. Does BlazeMeter accommodate the EC2 load balancer DNS change during a test?
  13. Does BlazeMeter support Oracle Apex testing?
  14. What Type of Network Connection Supports Large Scale Load Tests (e.g. 100k Concurrent Users)?
  15. JTL File Size and Limitations
  16. JMeter GUI vs. Running Headless
  17. JMeter 2.8 Support
  18. How Do I Import Existing JMeter Projects Into BlazeMeter?
  19. Why is BlazeMeter's Billing VAT Based?
  20. How Can I Share My Load Result Reports?
  21. How Do BlazeMeter's Recurring Subscription Packages Work?
  22. How Can I Change My Account Email?
  23. Does BlazeMeter's GET and POST Feature for Automatic Scripting Simulate Browser Cache?
  24. Does BlazeMeter's test sites have low latency to AWS?
  25. Why do my tests have more requests than reported in my test results?
  26. Does BlazeMeter support WebSocket testing?
  27. Why do duplicated tests give an error message "defunct" JMeter tests?
  28. Aggregate Report
  29. How Do I Manually Stop My Demo Test?
  30. Why are my HTTP 200 OK counted as errors?

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