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BlazeMeter REST API


BlazeMeter is a 100% JMeter-compatible, self-service web load testing cloud. Load tests are easily created and configured online. Once these tests are created, it is possible to run them using the BlazeMeter REST API. This means that instead of manually starting the tests, users simply create an automated script that will automatically run a predefined test via the API.  The API also returns links to the generated reports. These reports are available online or as a downloadable ZIP file.   

Getting Started 

To use BlazeMeter's API simply (sign up to BlazeMeter) create a test and,

  1. Click "Add Test" to create a new test and complete the test configuration. If you are creating a JMeter test, you will need to upload your test script.

  2. After the test has been created, copy and paste the test ID into a document for later use (see screenshot below). This ID will be used as a parameter in the API to identify the test.

  3. Under the profile section, copy and paste the User Key into a document for later use.  This key will be used as a parameter in the API to identify the user.    

REST API Resources



GET testCreate

This method creates a new test. You can either create the test online on our website or use this method to create a new test using the API. This function includes parameters to identify the user and create the test. 

Post testScriptUpload

Used for uploading test scripts (*.jmx files). If you need to change the test script used for a certain test, you can use this method to upload a new script.

GET testStart

This method can be used to start a test.  This function includes parameters to identify the user and the test.


Returns the status of the test, whether it started or it was stopped. Use this function to check the status of the test at a certain time interval (e.g. every minute).  

GET testStop

Stops a test.

GET testGetReports

Returns links to the generated test reports.


provides a performance testing solution that's 100% compatible with Apache JMeter™

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