BlazeMeter Plugin to Jenkins

To install BlazeMeter’s Plugin for Jenkins,

-Enter your Jenkins dashboard, Select ‘Manage Jenkins’, then ‘Manage Plugins’ and then, from the top tabs, select ‘Available’. 
(You can also download BlazeMeter's Plugin to Jenkins)

-Hit 'Control F' in your browser and search for BlazeMeter, then mark the BlazeMeter check box.

-Scroll below and click ‘Download now and install after restart’.

-After the download starts, click to restart Jenkins.

To configure BlazeMeter's Plugin for Jenkins,

-Once restarted, click manage Jenkins and then begin system configuration.

-Scroll down to the BlazeMeter Cloud section, enter the user key provided in your account profile

-Click ‘Test BlazeMeter User Key’.

-Once validated, you can configure a new job.

-Make sure to 'Save' the configuration.

To configure a job using BlazeMeter's plugin to Jenkins,

-Click on an existing job or create a new one, then press configure.

-Scroll down to ‘Post Build Actions’. Mark the check box “BlazeMeter”.

-If your keys were pre-configured in the global settings, you will now see all your tests in the drop down.

-Select a test to run. 

-Enter the error threshold for the error percentage and response time to specify when a build becomes unstable or fails.

-Optionally, you can select ‘Advanced’ to determine the test duration and to select a data folder to upload the .jmx file in order to mask the test with new parameters.

-Make sure to ‘Save’ your settings.

-Press the “Build Now” link and you are ready to run.

To build a job using BlazeMeter's plugin to Jenkins,

-Once inside the job click 'Build Now'.

-Click on the build being run.

-Click on console output to see the build progress. You’ll see the test parameters and an update every few seconds.

-When the test finishes, you will see a summary of the test results and their impact on the build. 

You can now click on ‘BlazeMeter Report’ to see a report of the test, the same way you would see them on site.
You can also edit, run and compare test results to previous runs.

All reports, logs and data generated during any test runs are stored in an archive accessible directly in your BlazeMeter account.


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