BlazeMeter Plugin to JMeter

You can download the BlazeMeter plugin to JMeter here. Make sure you download it to <jmeterdir>/lib/ext.

BlazeMeter's plugin to JMeter will enable you to reap the benefits of BlazeMeter’s commercial grade analytics tools as part of your JMeter desktop software at no extra cost. 

Integrate BlazeMeter’s advanced cloud-based reporting and test management tools directly on your JMeter desktop software. Easily compare: 

  • Reports
  • Metrics
  • KPIs

What will you gain by using BlazeMeter's new JMeter plugin?

  • All test related data including JTL and log files, will be stored in your BlazeMeter account.
  • View interactive reports and compare JMeter KPIs online during the test.

  • Access these reports after the test has ended.
  • Share test results by sending the URL of the report.
  • Compare reports from previous runs.
  • Access scripts (JMX files), logs and reports of previous runs.
  • Download all data files related to a specific test run.
  • Getting Started with JMeter: Using BlazeMeter's Plugin

    Follow the instructions below to download and use BlazeMeter's new plugin to JMeter:

    • Download the plugin Jar file to <jmeterdir>/lib/ext. 
    • Open JMeter.
    • Add the BlazeMeter Listener to the Test Plan. 
    • Login or Sign up to
    • Go to your account profile (click on your username on the right top toolbar).
    • Copy the user key provided in your account profile.

    • Add the user key and select an existing test or create a new test.

    • Save Test.
    • Run Test.
    • Click the 'Go to Test Page!' button.
    • You will be (automatically) redirected to the Test Reports page.

    You can download the BlazeMeter plugin to JMeter here. Make sure you download it to <jmeterdir>/lib/ext. 


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